An Insight To Emad

Born in New York City and raised in Karachi, Emad Syed Naqvi was a vivacious young man who took pride in his fused identity. He attended Karachi Grammar School and the Lyceum School for his education in Pakistan before returning to the United States for his bachelor’s degree. As a child, Emad knew he was the product of a privileged home, and therefore he believed that his fused identity allowed him to take advantage of the opportunities he had, but also to be able to give back to his community. He spent his adolescent years as an intern at Sind Institute of Urology & Transplantation (SIUT), cherishing the intimate time he got to spend with the children and their families at the institute.

However, from the very beginning, Emad’s own passion was rooted in football. As a football enthusiast, his love for the game was channeled into team spirit when he became one of the first members of the now highly-acclaimed Karachi United Football Club (KUFC). Hence, when he moved to Boston for college, it seemed only fitting that he also began working as a football coach for children at Super Soccer Stars. His new role allowed him to combine all his passions into one, and Emad went on to extend what he had to offer to the handicapped students at Ivy Street School, as well as attaining two FIFA licenses. It was then that Emad decided the perfect tribute to both, his passions as well as to his fused identity, would be to take back all that he had learnt and give back to a community that inspired him to no end – Lyari, an underprivileged neighborhood in Karachi. Emad decided that once he became an established FIFA Coach with all six licenses, he would start a football academy for the youth of Lyari.  

Unfortunately, Emad’s demise in May 2018 was sudden and unprecedented, however it also sparked an eruption of love and support from all the children and families he had worked with in his short twenty-five years. Thus, Coach Emad Foundation (CEF) was born to carry forward Coach Emad’s legacy of football and of servitude to one’s community. Under his name, this Foundation aspires to embody Emad’s message of overwhelming love, support, and the pursuit of dreams.

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