Vision Statement

To create a society that encourages and values the physical, intellectual, and mental health of its community.

our missions

Mission for Sports

Our mission is heavily dependent on sports, as it is our resource through which we aim to tackle larger societal issues. Therefore, it is our goal to promote, sponsor and develop centers for recreational and sporting activities, and thereby encourage our youth to compete on national and international levels. In a society where sports is only considered a pastime, and not an essential, Coach Emad Foundation aims to bring sports back to the forefront by providing training grounds and competent coaches that will enable the children to reach their full potential. Eventually, the Foundation aims to become an example for other similar institutions to follow, as they all work together to reinforce the significance of sports to society and an individual.

Mission for Education

In a society where education is slowly transitioning from optional to a privilege, it is important for us to pair it with our mission of sports, in order to emphasize their equal importance. Coach Emad Foundation aims to sponsor children’s academic careers in mainstream schools, thus offering them opportunities that most of our masses are usually denied of. Education must once again, be understood and accepted as a fundamental right. The development of our future generations is highly dependent on the kind of education and opportunities they are given, and while our brand may be sports, our interests lie wherever there is the best interest of our children.

Mission for Social Change

Although Coach Emad Foundation carries forward rather literal goals, the larger picture embodies far more. Inspired by Coach Emad’s own struggle, the Foundation also aims to reach out to the thousands of young people suffering similarly today. The lack of resources often keeps certain communities from mere awareness about mental health, let alone resources and tools that will help them take care of themselves. Coach Emad Foundation promises to bring forth social help in the form of building awareness, starting conversations, managing programs and support groups, introducing different resources, and above all, teaching our youth and their families the importance of self-care and support, above everything else.