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Through her experience in mental health, Atia Naqvi (Emad’s mother) will work with the children & their parents to provide basic knowledge on mental health issues. We are working with another organization to hold sessions with parents on disadvantages of early marriage of girls and to emphasize on their education. Coach Emad Foundation will be the driving force to provide the right resources and to facilitate such initiatives. We want to address our youth through mental and physical fitness. Since football is a game that invokes passion in most of the young people, we plan to reach out to them through their passion. By providing a healthy safe environment in Lyari, along with kits, equipment and opportunities to compete with other children, we have garnered interest in the children and trust of the community and families. This initiative for motivation and a conducive environment are our first steps towards mental health and mental stability. We are also organizing free access to mental health counselors for our students and families. The Foundation is working on providing transport to families in Lyari to avail counseling facilities in the city.

It is extremely important to inculcate a sense of working with imperfections. These inflated goals of 6 figure salaries, brand names, number of cars, houses, vacations, are all a huge contributor of ‘how a life is meant to be’. It is a false sense of achievement and even the acquisition of all of the above does not guarantee happiness or contentment. Through this program, we intend to make parents acknowledge our own failures and shortcomings without shame and now strive to work towards achieving the inner harmony along with the material goals. As modern societies are introducing the concept of Mindfulness in their curriculums to teach the integration of inner and outer selves of the new generations, Coach Emad Foundation would strive to inculcate such thought process in our children and their families.

On the support group and mental health front, Atia has already formed an open support group of mothers who have lost their children. She is extensively working with mothers of children who have died of suicide. The main idea behind these groups is to remove the stigma attached to mental health and suicide. It is time to start a conversation in a safe environment if we hope to address this new age epidemic.

Besides working on mental health issues of our societies, Coach Emad Foundation plans to share its knowledge and experience by regularly posting print literature, publications, articles and other self-help guides on the website.

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