CEF Education

Besides football, the facility provides us the platform where we work with children, their parents, elders of the neighborhood and social workers on education, social skills and civic sense and good citizenship. This is bringing harmony in the neighborhood they live in and people are willingly coming forward as they see progress taking place through their own efforts. We have been encouraged to work on these areas because the great potential we have seen in the people of Lyari and how much they want to move forward if right resources are deployed and a helping hand is extended to them. Coach Emad Foundation will be the driving force to provide the right resources and to facilitate the community as sports and education transform their lives.

A major initiative undertaken by Coach Emad Foundation is to provide financial assistance to underprivileged children for their education at least till high school level. Before the start of the current academic years, we provided financial assistance to a number of children who were not able to pay school fees and purchase books and other supplies. 

We have also initiated a dialogue with main stream schools for accommodating promising players of CEFA from underprivileged backgrounds into their schools either on a scholarship or at a subsidized tuition. This will ensure a holistic growth of our children to navigate the world.

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